The Magic Doors is a Theatre Treat for the Truly Young at Heart

“Come prepared to use your imagination and join us for adventures in secret worlds beyond these doors” says Artistic Director Sean Tuan John.

The Magic Doors was full of surprises. Behind every door was a thrill, a fright, something funny or beautiful. An afternoon treat!
‘There’s a real giraffe living behind the doors’
‘I love the cake bit, is the cake real?’
‘Was it real magic, those doors?’
‘I loved all of it, especially when they turn upside down’

Bombastic specialise in creating humorous, fantastical theatrical productions for young people combining dance and animation. The Magic Doors is for ages four to eight. It tells the story of three friends who are scared of an unusual boy they see in their street so they decide to play indoors. Their games take them into some surprising worlds – sometimes funny and sometimes scary. Here they discover that friendship is the biggest secret of them all.

Bombastic is visiting Conwy for the first time thanks to a partnership with Conwy Expressive Arts Service and Theatr Colwyn. The company is delivering two days of dance workshops in schools followed by a family show at Theatr Colwyn on Saturday 28 May at 2.30pm.

This approach gives our youngest pupils a brilliant way to experience live dance theatre in their schools and with their families.