An end of term treat is in store for children in 39 Conwy Primary schools. Teachers from the Conwy Music Service form a Staff Band which will be touring during the last twelve days of the summer term.

Listening to a variety of traditional and modern music pupils will recognise the theme tunes from TV programmes, a Mama Mia medley, music from the hit film ‘Frozen’ as well as famous classical excerpts and music from Wales.

It’s important that children have the opportunity to hear live music and see the variety of instruments that make the sounds that surround them in their daily lives. We hope that some of them will be inspired to learn an instrument and start lessons in September.

The band members are not only experienced teachers but also highly regarded players who love to demonstrate the instruments they teach in an entertaining and informative way. The concerts are directly related to the National Curriculum as children gain an appreciation of different musical styles and an understanding of how music is made.

Enjoyment is the key and there will be opportunities to join in, sing, dance, clap and even start to beatbox – a very positive way to finish school before the long summer break.